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About dr. aldrich chan and his Team

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Dr. Chan is a Neuropsychologist and Psychotherapist, author of the award winning book Reassembling Models of Reality published in the prestigious Interpersonal Neurobiology Series and founder of the Center for Neuropsychology and Consciousness (CNC), a practice in Miami, Florida that provides neuropsychological and psychological services.  In addition to his practice, he was sought out to teach as an Adjunct Professor for the Doctoral program (rank #5 Best Psy.D. program) and Masters (rank #1, Best Online Masters program) at Pepperdine University. In the Masters program, he is acting as Course Lead (i.e. course design, teaching, and management of other professors ). His lectures cover the fields of neuropsychology, psychotherapy, consciousness, affective neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, and cognitive psychology.


During his time at University of Miami, he conducted research on Alzheimers and personally led research on the Default Mode Network (DMN) and trauma exploring correlations between neuroimaging data to novel and existing neuropsychological instruments. His dissertation was on the impact of PTSD on the DMN and he has publications on topics including Alzheimer’s Disease, memory, imagination, psychotherapy, mindfulness, play and creativity. He has had a diverse array of clinical experiences across the lifespan. For more information re: treatment populations, please refer to the services section. 

He received his doctorate from Pepperdine University. He has trained/worked at several institutions, including:

Dr. Chan was born in Canada, raised in Costa Rica, and has lived in Hong Kong, Seattle, Ottawa, and Los Angeles with his current residency in Miami, Fl. Dr. Chan was granted a green card on account of "exceptional abilities" being deemed of national interest. He speaks three languages and can practice in English and Spanish. Outside his formal training experience, he was mentored by two founders of the field Interpersonal Neurobiology: the prolific UCLA trained Psychologist Louis Cozolino and acclaimed, best selling author/Psychiatrist Dan Siegel. Dan Siegel, M.D. received his medical degree from Harvard University and is the co-director of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. Dr. Siegel is also the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, where Dr. Chan worked at for multiple years. Dr. Chan has been practicing meditation for over 10 years.

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Author: Chan, A (2021) Reassembling Models of Reality: Theory and Clinical Practice. W. W. Norton, New York, NY. Fwd by Louis Cozolino, Ph.D., Awd: Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. (a recipient of 2023 Nautilus Book Awards)

Now available for order on Norton or Amazon!


Publications by Dr. Chan (click on titles to download pdf)

Center for Neuropsychology and Consciousness Education Team

Ryan Karasik, M.A.: is at Pepperdine University, studying for his Doctorate in

Psychology. He aspires to become a clinical psychologist, with the

ultimate goal of relieving as much unnecessary suffering in the world as possible.

He also works as a behavioral therapist for children with developmental disabilities.

Jason Ouyang, M.A. :is at Pepperdine University, studying for his Doctorate in Psychology. He hopes to help others in the future

as a clinical psychologist utilizing principles in recovery models and integration. He has previously worked as a

CARE program facilitator and Registered Behavior Technician and currently teaches. 

Andrew Pettit, M.S.: attended the University of Southern California for his Master’s and is presently studying for his Doctorate in Psychology at Pepperdine University. Andrew has a passion for supporting people facing end-of-life circumstances. He aspires to become a psycho-oncologist, dedicated to offering specialized psychological care and support to those navigating cancer diagnosis.  


Kristina Nguyen, M.A.: went to Pepperdine University, and will be studying for her doctorate in Psychology

at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She has interned at National Alliance on Mental Illness O.C.,

a non-profit dedicated to mental  health. She has also worked as a behavioral therapist for children with autism.

She aspires to become a clinical neuropsychologist.

Sophia Basso, M.A.: went to Pepperdine University for her Master’s in Psychology.

Sophia has experience working with children and their families, having volunteered with a child

advocacy center in Richmond, VA. She plans to pursue a Doctorate in Psychology to become a
Clinical Neuropsychologist to continue assisting families in need.

Cypress Ledesma, B.S.: is at Pepperdine University, studying for her Master’s in Psychology.

She aspires to obtain a doctoral degree and become a leading contributor to women’s mental

health research, particularly focusing on the neuropsychology of hormonal health. Cypress works

in telehealth management, driving the increase of access to virtual urgent care services in

underserved communities throughout California.  


Previous Students

Nadine Robertson, M.D.: received her medical degree from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Her future residency will prepare her to become an eminent Psychiatrist.

Kayla Garrison, M.A.: She completed an undergrad internship at St. John's Regional Medical Center and previously worked as a Behavioral Health Technician with kids with developmental disabilities. 

Sydney Sroka, M.A.: Recently, she received the title ‘Queen Ms. Ambassador Golden World,’ and aspires to speak as an advocate for the mentally ill, and reduce the stigma in stereotypization of mental health in the mass media.

Kate Williams, M.A.: Aspires to become a Clinical Psychologist, pursuing a career with primary focus in clinical work and research for psychotic disorders, Alzheimer’s, and dementia in Neuropsychology.

Aaliyah Jones, M.A.: will be attending Pepperdine University for her Doctorate in Psychology.

She aspires to be a clinical psychologist and one day open her clinical practice. She's motivated

to help the Black community, especially Black women, by eliminating the stigma around mental

health - empowering the community with tools to prosper in life.

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