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Tools and Resources for Clients and Clinicians

Phone Number: 786-505-2824

  • Below you will find

  • 1) Dr. Chan's public education platforms on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube which have garnered lots of attention (instagram >19K followers)

  • 2) Direct links to Interviews, Podcasts and Social Media Articles

  • 3) Tools and resources for clinicians and clients. Click on anything underlined and you will be correspondingly linked.

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Episodes to the CNC Dialogues

Click any of the titles or images below to be linked to the episode!

Ep. 10: Iain Mcgilchrist. M.D.: Psychiatrist, former Oxford Literary Scholar, and author of the groundbreaking book: The Master and His Emissary and more recently, The Matter with Things.

Ep. 9: Scott Fischer, M.D.: Board Certified Psychiatrist, and Lead Facilitator & Clinical Program Manager at Segal Trials’ Center for Psychedelic Research located in Lauderhill, FL

Ep. 8:  Emmy Van Duerzen, Ph.D.: Honorary Professor with the University of Sheffield and Visiting Professor with Middlesex University. World Authority on Existential Philosophy and Therapy.

Ep. 7: Donald Hoffman, Ph.D. : Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine

Ep. 6: Mark Solms, Ph.D: Chair of Neuropsychology University of Cape Town, founder of Neuropsychoanalysis.

Ep.5: Philip Harvey, Ph.D.: Chief Director University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Division of Psychology

Ep. 4: Barry Nierenberg, Ph.D.: Presidents Distinguished Professor Nova Southeastern University

Ep. 3: Ruth Lanius, M.D., Ph.D.: Professor of Psychiatry and Director of PTSD Research Unit at University of Western Ontario

Ep.2: Georg Northoff, M.D., Ph.D.: Professor at Ottawa University, and the head of the Mind, Brain, and Neuroethics Research Unit at The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research.

Ep. 1: Louis Cozolino, Ph.D.: Professor at Pepperdine University, a founding father of Interpersonal Neurobiology.

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CNC Podcast(1).png
CNC Podcast(1).png

Links to podcasts interviewing me (Just click the title for direct access):

1. Comedy Cellars Live from America Podcast

2. My Trauma Coach: Trauma and Reassembling Models of Reality

3. Masters in Psychology: Experiences and Advice for a Successful Career

4. W.W. Norton: Introducing Reassembling Models of Reality

5.The Science of Psychotherapy

6. The Boundless Body Podcast: The Art of Perception

Social Media Articles

Tools for Clinicians and Clients

Dominant Beliefs Identification Table

Vital Signals Identification Table

Vital Signals Chart

Vital Signals Behavioral Chart

Cognitive Distortions Fully Referenced 

Defense Mechanisms Fully Referenced

Temporospatial Artistic Rendition

Temporospatial Grid for Conceptualization

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