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center for neuropsychology & consciousness

Dr. Chan just launched a the new CNC interview series on youtube! Click here for more!

Dr. chan's book Reassembling models of reality is a winner in the 2023 nautilus book awards!








Dear Visitor,


With appropriate support and interventions, you can rewire your brain and restructure your mind to improve the quality of your day-to-day life. My goal is to enrich and advance your conscious experience to cultivate higher levels of integration and well-being.

I assess and treat psychological and neurological conditions. Assessment is achieved through neuropsychological evaluations, and treatment through cognitive rehabilitation, remediation and/or psychotherapy. These are fancy ways of saying, I am here to help reduce unnecessary suffering. The evaluation enables me to map out your cognitive (thinking skills), emotional and personality functioning, leading to an accurate diagnosis and recommendations that will optimize your engagement with the world.

Psychotherapy can be seen as an enriched environment designed to enhance neuroplasticity and integration. Therapy involves the formation of a relationship in service of improving your well-being. Change occurs through awareness, insight, experience and education. I welcome and invite you to explore my site for more information. I would be honored to play the role of a catalyst in your process of becoming. Feel free to contact me through the mediums below. 

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- Dr. Chan


“Withdraw into yourself and look. And if you do not find yourself beautiful yet, act as does the creator of a statue that is to be made beautiful...cut away all that is excessive, straighten all that is crooked, bring light to all that is overcast, labour to make all one glow of beauty and never cease chiseling your statue..." - Plotinus 

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