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Professional Endorsements

“What is not seen in his C.V. is an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge spanning several disciplines outside of Neuropsychology. His auto-didactic nature, unique background and drive gives way to a creative thinking style that is very rare. I believe his work here in the U.S. is and will only be of increasing importance for the nation.” - Philip Harvey, Ph.D., Director of the Division of Psychology, University of Miami, Leonard M. Miller Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Thompson-Reuters - Top 1% of all Researchers in citations in mental health


“I have no doubt that his experience, expertise and commitment will serve the community well and impact the current state of neuropsychology and interpersonal neurobiology.” - Georg Northoff, M.D., PhD Director, Mind, Brain Imaging and Neuroethics Research Unit Canada Research Chair, University of Ottawa The Michael Smith Chair, ELJB-CIHR The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research. Author of “Neurophilosophy and the Healthy Mind,” and “The Spontaneous Brain.”  


“… he is a bright, responsible, dedicated, and insightful... meticulous in his testing and administration, and his interpretative and report writing skills are well beyond his academic status. I have much confidence in his level of skill and integrity… “ - Gisela Puentes, PsyD, Director of Neuropsychology Services, Ryder Trauma Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital



“…Aldrich is bright, inquisitive, quick, fun to work with, and has a great sense of humor. As an individual, Aldrich is personable and quite connecting; as a fellow clinical professional, Aldrich is ethical, clear-thinking, sensitive, and open-minded… Aldrich has a fascinating background, speaks Spanish fluently, and is well-traveled. He is a kind person with a great respect for diverse cultural backgrounds. I give him my highest recommendation with the greatest enthusiasm.” - Dan Siegel, M.D., Executive Director, Mindsight Institute Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine. Author of “The Developing Mind,” and “Mindsight.”



“…Chan is an intelligent, curious and caring person. I have been consistently impressed with his dedication to his academic and clinical work… his case presentations are clear, well-thought-out and considerably beyond his level of clinical experience and training. Despite his seriousness and professionalism, he’s able to learn and provide feedback to others in relaxed and collegial manner. It is clear that he is respected and liked by his peers… his dissertation has been quite impressive and far above what I’ve seen from most of his peers. His thinking and writing in the areas of theory and research appear to be equal to his impressive clinical acumen…” - Louis Cozolino, PhD. Professor of Psychology, Pepperdine University; Author of The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy


“…an erudite and versatile neuropsychologist…” Carolyn Drazinic, MD, PhD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Florida State Mental Health Hospitals; Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences, Florida State University


“Due to his standing reputation, Dr. Chan was personally sought out to teach this course…. His evaluations from students have not been “good” but exemplary. In every evaluation it is common to find words such as “passion,” “brilliance,” “talented,” and “relatable.”… when talking to him, it is clear that he is an integrative thinker, and a voracious reader with an undying appetite for knowledge and synthesis. ” Harold Burke, Ph.D., MSCP, BCN, Adjunct Faculty Pepperdine University

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