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Reviews and endorsements (Click here for google reviews)

I. Clients (from google reviews)

II. Professional

III. Students (from google reviews)

I. Clients 

May Maisie: Dr.Chan is an amazing Doctor. He was able to help with many of my unanswered questions. He is very professional and knowledgeable. 10 out of 10 recommend.


MRPHorses: My daughter has been dealing with anxiety since Covid. She met with Dr. Chan and he helped her understand the anxiety triggers and gave her exercises to help her approach the onset with more awareness until the anxiety didn't make sense. He listened to her. Even though we had virtual sessions since we are in another state, his compassion, professionalism and thoughtful approach to her issues knew no boundaries. We are grateful that he was recommended to us.


Eddy "I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Chan for a number of years, and I am happy to share my experience with others seeking a compassionate and skilled therapist. Dr. Chan is truly a gem in the field of psychology, and my time with him has been transformative.

Dr. Chan creates a safe and nurturing environment and his ability to listen attentively and offer insightful guidance is unparalleled.
Dr. Chan is thoughtful and empathetic, possessing a rare combination of professionalism and approachability that sets him apart.

I have found him to be committed to staying at the forefront of his field. He is an expert, continuously expanding his knowledge and skills through research and ongoing education.

Working with Dr. Chan, I have experienced tremendous personal growth. He has provided me with valuable tools to navigate life's challenges and I feel he can help many with others, which is why I am sharing my experience and thoughts publicly.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Chan to anyone seeking a compassionate, knowledgeable, and top-tier psychologist/therapist. His thoughtful approach, kindness, and expertise make him a leader in his field."

Daniel: "Dr. Chan is a fantastic psychologist and I highly recommend him. Dr. Chan is incredibly insightful, capable of addressing hidden mental hurdles with thoughtfulness and expertise. He helped me see my blind spots and provided me with frameworks to better approach my life.

He maintains a professional, yet compassionate focus during sessions, without imposing personal views (a challenge I've faced with other therapists). He generally guides you to coming to your own revelations, rather than sharing his own opinion. This can be challenging at times, but is ultimately the approach you should want your psychologist to take.

With a background in neuropsychology, and deep understanding of how the mind works, Dr. Chan brings a comprehensive approach to therapy that extends beyond traditional talk therapy. He also has an appreciation for meditation, holistic approaches to health, and spirituality. He is intelligent, calm, ethical, and steady.

Finding a quality psychologist can be challenging due to limited reviews and general information. Dr. Chan stood out with a strong digital presence and reviews. This speaks to his real world understanding and business savvy.

If you want to pursue therapy, but are unsure who to speak with, I highly recommend Dr. Chan."


Christopher: "Dr. Chan is an incredible neuropsychologist that I would highly recommend. He is knowledgeable, kind, and ultimately supporting of you throughout your time with him. He also provides you with relevant tools and resources that reinforce your sessions. My time and experience with him was above and beyond anything I could've hoped for."


Amanda: "I owe a lot to Dr. Chan! I was seeing him on a weekly basis for over a year and he really helped me identify the problems in my life that were contributing to my overall unhappiness. Over time, I believe we grew to care for one another as we worked together to eliminate these problems and he was certainly a comfort in my life. Thanks to him and the tools he taught me, I am now better equipped to maneuver through life. When seeking his services, I was told it is very rare to land on the first therapist you find but he was just that good! Look no further than Dr. Chan if you are needing a better quality of life."


S.W: "I highly recommend Dr. Chan. He is an amazing neuropsychologist and psychotherapist. His assessment helped me better understand myself, and although he recommended I seek out another therapist (since he provided the assessment), I personally asked to continue seeing him. He really helped me work through some dark times, and I am now very happy to say that I feel better than ever!"


John: "I approached Dr. Chan several months ago and requested his assistance in conducting an experiment (on myself) on the psychological benefits of meditation. He went above and beyond in every sense; he not only administered testing, but he provided valuable interpretations, insight and suggestions (which went beyond the simple experiment). He helped me understand how to apply my strengths, work with my weaknesses, and better realize my potential in everyday life. I highly recommend Dr. Chan; it's not an exaggeration to say he's been truly impactful."


Chris: "Dr. Chan has made significant contributions in research and practice. I am indebted to him for what he has taught me and have benefited immensely from the application of his psychotherapeutic skills. Dr. Chan exemplifies a rare balance of intellectual and technical rigor with a creative capacity that facilitates the therapeutic alliance with a diverse range of clients. His background includes a wide range of interests and experiences and his passion for knowledge is inspiring. It is wonderful that there are astute practitioners grounded in a humanism that puts people first, not mechanically and lifelessly executing functions based off algorithms programmed through training. It is because Dr. Chan cares so deeply about his clients and colleagues that he works hard to integrate the history of the field with cutting-edge ideas across many disciplines. I look forward to his future work."


Henry: "Dr Chan is a rarity. He has helped our family with serious issues that were complex and seemingly insurmountable. His guidance and insight have provided a better understanding and clarity of our situation. Highly recommended."


Rebecca: "Our family found Dr. Chan because of his affiliation with Dr. Daniel Siegel, author of Mindsight. Although Dr. Chan is relatively young, his qualifications and experience place him at the top of the list of neuropsychologists practicing today, especially in Miami. We have met a number of psychologists in Miami over the years, and none have compared to Dr. Chan. He is above all in terms of competence, scope of knowledge, and the calm, systematic manner that he approaches his work. If everyone were able to have a neuropsychological evaluation done at an early point in life, such as the comprehensive one that Dr. Chan provides, we would be better equipped to handle not only the adversities we face on a continual basis, but we would also be able to experience the quality of life we all expect. We are grateful to Dr. Chan for his transformative help. We look forward to watching his career blossom as he continues his research and his work with individuals and families. We highly recommend Dr. Chan."


Kerwin: "I met Dr. Chan a few weeks ago and had a neuropsychological assessment done by him. This was the best thing I could have done to get to the bottom of a lot of questions I've been having for quite some time. Dr.Chan is an amazing person he listens to everything you have to say and answers any questions you may have. I'm glad I found Dr. Chan and for anyone who is seeking a Neuropsychological Evaluation don't hesitate to contact Dr. Chan you won't regret it. Thank you for everything!!"


Franceska: "My son has an “atypical” neurodevelopmental disorder that without the experience and expertise of Dr. Chan would have been impossible to get the accurate diagnosis. My child was misdiagnosed in several occasions by other doctors since he was a child. Some of the symptoms correlated with previous diagnosis, but at the end I felt there was always something missing. I did not give up and kept on searching for the best of the best until I found Dr. Chan. He took his time to perform an in-depth neuropsychological evaluation on my son. He then met with us, went over the evaluation, feedback, diagnosis, and recommendations. I truly recommend him. He is not only an exceptional human being but he is also compassionate and a kind of doctor that I can tell, loves what he does, and goes above and beyond When it comes to helping his patients."


Sean: "Amazing Experience. I had a very unique situation when I had found Dr Chan and he worked with it and helped me tremendously. I had a neuropsychological evaluation in late June and some of the test scores came back very low. It was recommended I undergo treatment and be retested afterwards. But the recommendations came from a provider that was out of state. I completed what was required and when I needed retesting I started searching for a provider. Many providers listened to the situation and continued to recommend a comprehensive evaluation despite what the records and recommendations were. When I explained the situation and spoke to Dr Chan prior to booking my appointment. He listened actively and fully understood the situation. He was rational in deciding where to go from there and when I arrived for my appointment the environment was very calming. I felt comfortable. I had provided my records, we discussed my case, and got to the retesting. I am a health care professional and he explained things that anyone could understand. When I received the feedback from the testing he explained what everything meant and finally I understood more about what was going on, than I did when I had an initial evaluation.

I thank Dr Chan so much for helping me with my circumstance. I will recommend him to anyone hands down. My experience was more than. Rewarding.

Thank you!!!!!"


Locally Hip: "Dr. Chan was absolutely amazing! I came in afraid of what to expect but keeping an open mind to get an evaluation. He was quick to put my mind at ease, and was very helpful. He had connections all the way in Canada, and was able to introduce me to a top quality doctor, Georg Northoff! I highly recommend his services!"


Vanessa: "I recently had the pleasure of working with Dr. Chan and feel that I can say all the accolades noted in these reviews are well-deserved. Not only is he knowledgeable and professional, but also down-to-earth, which is a great combination that is hard to find. Highly recommended."


J Restrepo: "I have no words to express my gratitude to this guy, after taking my son to many psychologists for the first time I feel a peace of mind. Highly recomended."


L Crespo: "Wonderful experience! Very helpful and knowledgable. Highly recommend for anyone for baseline and continued care."


George: "I had an excellent experience with Dr. Chan, I highly recommend him."


Gerardo: "Dr. Aldrich Chan reconocido por su entrega, pasion y dedicacion en su ambito profesional.
Personalmente conocido desde 2008, siendo un profesional integro,conciente y capaz ,formo parte de mis experiencias en cuestion psicoterapeutica, ayudandome de una forma unica y excepcional en la formacion de bases solidas, y soluciones en problemas de pareja y familiares. por lo cual estoy completamente agradecido y feliz. Ampliamente recomendable sin duda alguna."


(Translated by Google) Dr. Aldrich Chan recognized for his dedication, passion and dedication in his professional field.
Personally known since 2008, being an upright, conscientious and capable professional, he was part of my experiences in psychotherapeutic matters, helping me in a unique and exceptional way in the formation of solid foundations, and solutions in couple and family problems. for which I am completely grateful and happy. Highly recommended without a doubt.

II. Professional

“What is not seen in his C.V. is an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge spanning several disciplines outside of Neuropsychology. His auto-didactic nature, unique background and drive gives way to a creative thinking style that is very rare. I believe his work here in the U.S. is and will only be of increasing importance for the nation.” - Philip Harvey, Ph.D., Director of the Division of Psychology, University of Miami, Leonard M. Miller Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Thompson-Reuters - Top 1% of all Researchers in citations in mental health


“I have no doubt that his experience, expertise and commitment will serve the community well and impact the current state of neuropsychology and interpersonal neurobiology.” - Georg Northoff, M.D., PhD Director, Mind, Brain Imaging and Neuroethics Research Unit Canada Research Chair, University of Ottawa The Michael Smith Chair, ELJB-CIHR The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research. Author of “Neurophilosophy and the Healthy Mind,” and “The Spontaneous Brain.”  


“… he is a bright, responsible, dedicated, and insightful... meticulous in his testing and administration, and his interpretative and report writing skills are well beyond his academic status. I have much confidence in his level of skill and integrity… “ - Gisela Puentes, PsyD, Director of Neuropsychology Services, Ryder Trauma Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital



“…Aldrich is bright, inquisitive, quick, fun to work with, and has a great sense of humor. As an individual, Aldrich is personable and quite connecting; as a fellow clinical professional, Aldrich is ethical, clear-thinking, sensitive, and open-minded… Aldrich has a fascinating background, speaks Spanish fluently, and is well-traveled. He is a kind person with a great respect for diverse cultural backgrounds. I give him my highest recommendation with the greatest enthusiasm.” - Dan Siegel, M.D., Executive Director, Mindsight Institute Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine. Author of “The Developing Mind,” and “Mindsight.”



“…Chan is an intelligent, curious and caring person. I have been consistently impressed with his dedication to his academic and clinical work… his case presentations are clear, well-thought-out and considerably beyond his level of clinical experience and training. Despite his seriousness and professionalism, he’s able to learn and provide feedback to others in relaxed and collegial manner. It is clear that he is respected and liked by his peers… his dissertation has been quite impressive and far above what I’ve seen from most of his peers. His thinking and writing in the areas of theory and research appear to be equal to his impressive clinical acumen…” - Louis Cozolino, PhD. Professor of Psychology, Pepperdine University; Author of The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy


“…an erudite and versatile neuropsychologist…” Carolyn Drazinic, MD, PhD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Florida State Mental Health Hospitals; Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences, Florida State University


“Due to his standing reputation, Dr. Chan was personally sought out to teach this course…. His evaluations from students have not been “good” but exemplary. In every evaluation it is common to find words such as “passion,” “brilliance,” “talented,” and “relatable.”… when talking to him, it is clear that he is an integrative thinker, and a voracious reader with an undying appetite for knowledge and synthesis. ” Harold Burke, Ph.D., MSCP, BCN, Adjunct Faculty Pepperdine University

III. Students

Preston:I had the pleasure of being one of Dr. Chan's students during my graduate program at Pepperdine University and his extensive knowledge, passion, and wisdom are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Dr. Chan consistently reminded me of the reason why I have chosen to go into the field, to better understand humankind and learn more about the depth of our existence. He is immensely respectful, interesting, and is able to articulate very complex topics in a way that is captivating and not at all intimidating. He is a wonderful neuropsychologist and an extraordinary professor and it has been an honor to learn from him.

Carolyn: Dr. Chan is one of the most knowledgeable and supportive professors I have ever had. He made complex information digestible and interesting, and our classes were always engaging. Questions were always encouraged, and he provided space for discussion, which helped drive home a deeper understanding of content. He also has taken time to meet with me about various personal matters, and provided support during times when I needed it most. I cannot recommend Dr. Chan enough from his knowledge base alone, and he is a fantastic human being as well.


Jennifer: “Excellent learning experience. I learned so much to build upon my previous fascination with neuroscience, and there were more fascinating pieces of information that I will remember in my career and life. Both textbooks, albeit wordy, were beautifully, thoroughly, and thoughtfully written. I have many favorite quotes from Professor Chan's book. Highly recommend.”


Kristina: “I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the privilege of being a student of Dr. Chan, a truly exceptional professor and an inspiring mentor in the field of neuropsychology. Under his guidance, my passion for neuropsychology has been nurtured and ignited, propelling me toward a path of lifelong learning and exploration. His willingness to provide advice and feedback has been instrumental in shaping my academic and professional development. His encouragement and guidance have also bolstered my confidence and reaffirmed my decision to pursue neuropsychology as a lifelong vocation. Dr. Chan’s personalized advice, insightful recommendations for further study, and unwavering support have been invaluable in shaping my academic endeavors and the trajectory of my professional future. I highly recommend reading Dr. Chan’s book, Reassembling Models of Reality.”


Anastasia: “Dr. Chan was my professor in the MA in Psychology program at Pepperdine University for the course Physiological Psychology. He is an outstanding instructor who challenges his students with complex, yet engaging material. This was a class I did not expect to do well in, but I saw myself gradually improve due to Dr. Chan's structure of the course. I highly recommend reading his book, Reassembling Models of Reality- a deeply engrossing read.”


Elian: “I have had the absolute pleasure of having Dr. Chan as my professor for physiological psychology. There’s no doubt that he is incredibly knowledgeable but he was also very helpful and answered all the questions each student had in a thorough manner. I really appreciated that during lecture he would go over all of the important material and provide examples and mnemonics to help us remember the information. You can tell that he is very passionate about neuropsychology and I’m glad I got to take this class with him.”


Anne: “Dr. Chan is an absolutely fantastic professor. He is extremely knowledgeable about Neuropsychology and is very good at crystallizing complicated concepts and introducing them in an understandable and engaging way. He's super intelligent, and a nice guy too :)”


Taylor: “Dr. Chan was so amazing. I had him as a professor through Pepperdine in a masters program. He is full of knowledge and knows his stuff. In addition, he was patient, funny and willing to learn along side us students. I really enjoyed my time in class with him as my professor.”


Scott: “Dr. Chan is able to teach his exceptional knowledge in neuropsychology in an easy-to-grasp manner. His style is personable and he adds just the right touch of humor to a daunting field. I would jump at the chance to take additional courses from him and have recommended him to fellow students.”


Katarzyna: “Dr. Chan is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. All of my encounters with him have been pleasant and insightful. He aims to give clarity and answers through his attention to detail. This is someone who is truly passionate about their work and helping others.”


Sahleen: “Dr. Chan is an amazing clinician, professor, and educator. It has been a pleasure learning from him! Very patient and understanding.”


Haley: “I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Chan. His approach to teaching is engaging and thoughtful and I can not recommend him enough. His expertise and willingness to entertain any line of questioning with patience and a great attitude made my class not only applicable to daily life but a safe space to be as a student.”


Ryan: “Dr. Chan is a very knowledgeable neuropsychologist and a wonderful educator. I had the pleasure of taking one of his neuropsychology courses and was blown away by his ability to synthesize challenging information and deliver it in an efficient and efficacious manner. He also demonstrated kindness, patience and a strong dedication to ensuring the success of all of his students.”


Alexander: “I was fortunate enough to have Professor Aldrich Chan for a graduate level Neurophysiology course and really enjoyed it. He is extremely knowledgeable about the complex subject matter and presented it in a way which is conducive to learning and retaining the information. His passion for Neuropsychology is evident through his teachings and the way he carries himself in an extremely professional manner. I would definitely recommend and look forward to hearing more about his research in the field!”


Curt: “I enjoyed Dr. Chan's "PSY 656 Physiological Psychology" course in Pepperdine's MA Psychology program. Insights for this course include 1) fascinating reading material that expands upon the neurological and biological processes causing or related to disorders, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional experiences. 2) Comprehensive education about the brain’s structures and functions that better equip future clinicians/psychotherapists/and counselors with insight into the causes and treatments for specific mental health problems. 3)Finally, from the first class, students are encouraged to absorb course material (as well as their future professional work) from a biopsychosocial model - which is exactly how to prepare for exams in this course - a holistic approach to knowing and memorizing all material covered in every aspect of the course. There is some discontinuity between Dr. Chan’s lectures and Pepperdine’s asynchronous video lectures (with Dr. Burke). Dr. Chan is always receptive in clarifying discontinuity every session and exploring topics of curiosity in the reading. I’d also recommend reading Dr. Chan’s book ‘Reassembling Models of Reality’ - beyond the minimal required pages to increase the salience of the lecture material and enhance class discussions”

Liberty: “Dr. Chan was made to teach in the 21st Century. He makes learning entertaining and relevant which hepls retain the information. Neuroscience is far from the easiest course but the way he taught made the course bearable and fun. I would recommend him to anyone or any program. Professional, diligent, humorous, relatable, and an expert. 5 stars!”


Juan: “Dr. Aldrich Chan is a great educator. He was very good at explaining concepts in our Physiological Psychology class, which helped me to understand the concepts greatly and be prepared for the exams. He was also very helpful in understanding the field of Neuropsychology, allowing me to be motivated and passionate about pursuing this field.”


Adam: “Dr. Chan is a thoughtful, educated professional. He was my Physiological Psychology professor and was the best professor I have had to date. Could not recommend him highly enough.”


DNC: “I've known Dr. Chan for over two years in the capacity as both a student of his and as a research colleague. I can personally attest to his scientific approach to assessing and treating psychological and neuropsychological difficulties. He is highly intelligent and uses that intelligence in a precise way. His skills as a therapist are something that patients will appreciate; not all therapists take the approach he does and that's what makes him very special. As a doctoral student, he instilled in me his rigor to being precise and thorough. Dr. Chan as both an educator and as a clinican makes for an experience that any patient would be lucky to experience.”


Ashleigh: “Dr. Chan educates from a place of passion. It is inspiring and will leave anyone learning from him positively and refreshingly impressed. He genuinely cares and strives to make a difference.”


Julia: “Professor utilized the course time very efficiently, making the material and lectures both digestible and personal at times. The course was straight to the point and the reviews were very helpful in terms of pointing out what students didn't know and enriching them with answers for the tests.”


Christina: “Great professor! Enjoyed taking his class.”


Jason: “If you thought missing your opportunity to ask out your high school crush was your biggest regret in life, don't miss your opportunity to be a student or client with Dr. Chan.”

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